What makes Calavera Hemp different from other brands?

A: We're different for two reasons:

(1) of our Latino culture and good flavors!

(2) Cause we look and taste so good!

You'll remember us for the taste besides the badass box design.

Does Calavera Hemp products contain cannabis (marijuana)?

A: No. Only an organic hemp blend with other organic properties that tastes great!

How many sticks of Calavera Hemp smokes come in one of the mango hemp smokes pack?

A: In one pack, you'll get 20 GREAT tasting hemp cigarettes inside!

When you smoke it, what does it smell like?

A: Most of our customers compare the aroma of the hemp smoke to its plant cousin however ours has a sweetier smell due to the mango menthol and great hemp flower we use. Made from Californian grown hemp and some of the finest we think.

Who is Calavera Hemp for?

A: Anyone that's 21 & older. We strive to be the NEW standard in bringing you the BEST quality hemp prodcuts we can make! We didn't set out to create medicore products like some brands. Ours have taken several trials and errors to get to a GREAT tasting product. We consume our products daily knowing that our product taste truly amazing!

Where else can I find Calavera Hemp?

A: On our Instagram & TikTok @calaverahemp

Is Calavera Hemp Legal in the US?

Check your local laws about this but for the entire US no. Some US states do not allow importation of hemp related products from other states. Idaho, Nebraska and South Dakota certainly do not allow hemp products.